John O'Grady Art - You are Everything VII | Irish landsdcape at night
You are Everything VII, ©John O’Grady
22.8″ x 22.8″ x 1.4″, Oil on Panel, ready to hang.
This $1323 painting is available (approx. €1224, £1060)

High up in the mountains, it is so quiet.

The bog grasses stretch out across the blanket bog. Beneath the grasses, the earth glows orange and red, as if sighing.

We look up and the blue-violet mountains stand out, silhouetted against the night sky.

At the summit, a warm golden light borders, lace-like, the rolling clouds. They too seem to breathe and share their life force.

Out of view, the moon illuminates the land and tinges the clouds blue-green.

When we awake from a dream, the fragments we remember are often disjointed, without an obvious common thread.

When this painting came to life, it felt like a dreamscape. And yet, without really making sense, it felt right.

We could say it celebrates the seemingly disparate elements that bond in an invisible communion.
Magic that goes beyond knowing…

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