Landscape Paintings of Provence

A Sense of Provence

These paintings are inspired by where I live. Some are available to buy.

They are created intuitively, from memory and often seek to convey balmy summer nights or the richness of nature that surrounds us. Atmosphere, mood and light guide me when creating an artwork.

What’s your first impression when looking at these paintings? 

Painting of patterns in the River Rhône along the tree linePatterns in the River Rhone

Dreamlike painting of tree and its shadow displayed above a bedThe Magic Tree (Shown in a bedroom)
- Dreamlike painting of an Enchanted Garden | Nocturne set in Provence called The Sisters by John O'GradyThe Sisters
A landscape painting with a dazzling lavender field in full bloom | Evening in the Lavender fields by John O'GradyEvening in the Lavender Fields
Heady summer day in a lavender field | Approaching Storm, Ferrassières by John O'GradyApproaching Storm, Ferrassières
A nocturne on a warm starry night in ProvencePerfume of the Night (print available)
Atmospheric Snowfall painting, 'Snowfall on Mont Ventoux' by John O'GradySnowfall on Mont Ventoux
Large sunset painting 'Sunset at St Hippolyte' by John O'Grady displayed above a bedSunset at St Hippolyte
Provence Landscape, Sunset, Lane, Countryside Path
Chemin de la Roque Alric

Quiet painting with cloud reflections in the Ouvèze River by John O'GradyClouds in the Ouvèze River

River painting, mainly green, with reflections in water and dappled light called 'On the Banks of the Ouvèze River III' by John O'GradyOn the Banks of the Ouvèze River III

Acrylic landscape nocturne with pink blossoms in a moonlit orchard in Provence | Moonrise over the Orchard by John O'GradyMoonrise Over the Orchard

One spring evening in an orchard in Provence | The Orchard in Les Baronnies by John O'GradyThe Orchard in Les Baronnies (Not for Sale)
Autumn Painting of vineyard in Provence | Vines in St Hippolyte by John O'Grady Vines in St Hippolyte

Sunset painting showing sun reflections in a pond in the woodClearing in the Wood IV

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