Art Works

A Sense of Magic

This is a selection of my paintings.

The play of light and shadow and a sense of harmony feature prominently.

The exploration of colour using various tools and techniques intuitively help me, through a process of trial and error, to connect with a memory of place and time.

When viewing a painting, it can trigger an emotion, a memory that helps you recollect a moment, an experience, a feeling,…


The paintings of fresh water and sea are records of an experience.

This experience can be when we stand on a shore and feel the elemental power of sea meeting land or take in the ethereal qualities of still water reflections.


We form a deep attachment with the land. It helps us build and make sense of our identity while nature and the seasons passing affect the rhythm of life.

These paintings explore the relationship between the landscape of memory and shifting patterns of light and mood.

Although the solidity and immutability of the land is ever present, when shifting patterns of light move across the land it is instantly altered.


The sky supplies an endless source of inspiration.

Cloud shapes, wind and rain, sun and moon, night and day offer subtle or dramatic shifts in light and colour that transform the atmosphere of a place.

That’s what I seek to reveal through paint.

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