A Sense of Magic

This collection of paintings explores reverie where memories, landscapes and dreams merge to become  magical and otherwordly.

When viewing these artworks, do you feel that sense of magic?


- Dreamlike painting of an Enchanted Garden | Nocturne set in Provence called The Sisters by John O'GradyThe Sisters
Dreamlike summer nocturne painting | 'The Field of Fallen Stars' by John O'GradyThe Field of Fallen Stars
Brooding sky painting with cloud edged with gold | Icarus III by John O'GradyIcarus III
A nocturne on a warm starry night in ProvencePerfume of the Night (print available)
Enigmatic Interior Painting with moonlight bathing a person asleep on a bed while someone silhouetted in the open door light looks on | Dreaming of Cherry Blossom by John O'GradyDreaming of Cherry Blossom
Medium sized skyscape with a large cumulus cloud | Icarus IV by John O'GradyIcarus IV

Murmur in the Trees VI by John O'Grady | A sunset in Provence on a scorching dayA Murmur in the Trees VI

Sunset on an Irish Lake as the moon rises | Lovers of the Lake by John O'GradyLovers of the Lake (Not for Sale)
One spring evening in an orchard in Provence | The Orchard in Les Baronnies by John O'GradyThe Orchard in Les Baronnies (Not for Sale)
Acrylic landscape nocturne with pink blossoms in a moonlit orchard in Provence | Moonrise over the Orchard by John O'GradyMoonrise Over the Orchard

Decorative landscape painting with small boat sailing on a star-studded night | Brendan and the Stars by John O'GradyBrendan and The Stars

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