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John in his studio

I moved from Ireland to the South of France to paint full time and create atmospheric landscape oils or acrylics inspired by places I love.

Some themes recur in my landscape work of Ireland such as open land, clouds, the golden hour, bogs, gorse, the sea and a sense of the magical. Weather fronts succeed each other on a land that often feels unspoilt. Somehow moisture is more often present. Somehow it feels softer, with round edges.

I now live in Provence, a place I’ve regularly visited over the last twenty years.

Rocky outcrops, ‘la garrigue’, vineyards, orchards and hilltop villages dapple the landscape. The light is brighter. It’s also dryer, with extremes of weather not uncommon. The feel is more rustic with sharper edges. Here, cloudless, warm summer nights and the seasons’ rhythms catch my attention.

I hold a Bachelor Degree in Fine Art (BFA).

My work is in collections in France, the USA, Great Britain, Ireland, Canada and Australia.

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Where I Work

If you’d like to find out a bit more about where I work and live, I wrote a blogpost that tells you more.

A view of my studio:

Artist Statement

When we make our way through landscape, we are touched and altered by its mood, light and the changing weather. We inhabit it and it inhabits us. This confluence is where my work lies.

I have stood on the shore in the west of Ireland and seen light and mist shifting over sea and land.

I have watched the last rays of sun sweep an orange glow across autumnal vines in Provence.

I have marvelled at yellow gorse flowers, brighter under a leaden sky at dawn.

These moments of alchemy are held in my visual and emotional memory.

You could think that I would be a plein air painter, directly facing the elements but I need to take some distance from the experience.

Standing before nature is emotionally overpowering.

In my studio, I paint with space and time for reflection and work intuitively with texture and colour, adding a mark here, subtracting a colour there,…

The painting is revealed organically and naturally, through me and out of me.

An art work is finished when I reach a balance that does not mirror a specific landscape. Rather, it is a representation of emotions, of connections, a particular atmosphere or energy, a mood felt, a sense of time.

My work is rooted in the romantic landscape tradition.


Recent exhibitions

2017 – ‘Crazy Jane’, Group show invited artists, Hamilton Gallery, Sligo, Ireland

2016 – ‘Republic’, Summer group exhibition co-curated by Olivier Cornet and Eoin Mac Lochlainn, Olivier Cornet Gallery, Dublin Ireland

2016 – ‘A Terrible Beauty is Born’, Group show invited artists, Hamilton Gallery, Sligo, Ireland

2015 – ‘Radiant’, Summer group show, Lowe Holland Gallery, Cornwall, Britain

2012 – ‘Tondo group exhibition’, The Lighthouse, Wicklow town, Ireland

Other exhibitions

Arténim Grenoble, France

Arténim Nimes, France

‘Petits Formats’, Galerie N, Montpellier, France

Arts Atlantic, La Rochelle, France

SIAC Marseille, Marseille, France

Murmur in the Trees III - John O'Grady

Murmur in the Trees III

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