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John in his studio

I moved from Ireland to the South of France to paint full time and create atmospheric landscape oils or acrylics inspired by places I love.

Some themes recur in my landscape works of Ireland such as open land, clouds, the golden hour, bogs, gorse, the sea and a sense of the magical. Weather fronts succeed each other on a land that often feels unspoilt. Somehow a feeling of rain in the air is more often present. Somehow the places feel softer, with round edges.

I now live in Provence, a place I know well.

Rocky outcrops, ‘la garrigue’, vineyards, orchards and hilltop villages dapple the landscape. The light is brighter. It’s also dryer, with extremes of weather not uncommon. The feel is more rustic with sharper edges. Here, cloudless, warm summer nights, the seasons’ rhythms as well as marks created by dappled light on narrow paths catch my attention.

I hold a Bachelor Degree in Fine Art (BFA).

My work is in collections in France, the USA, Great Britain, Ireland, Canada and Australia.

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Below you can see a glimpse of my studio.

Situated in the heart of a small town in Provence, it’s also where I maintain this website and draft the emails I send to you.

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Where I Work

If you’d like to find out a bit more about where I work and live, I wrote a blogpost that tells you more.

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