Friends of John O'Grady Art

Giving = Loving

By becoming a ‘Friend of John O’Grady Art’, you become a patron. You support my work and contribute to the up-keep of this website with a recurring donation of your choosing, between a small cup of coffee and a decent meal.

In addition, I’ll apply a 10% discount to any ‘Friend of John O’Grady Art’ who purchases an original work of art from this website and with a:

  • $3 Monthly Contribution – Thank you
  • $10 Monthly Contribution – You’ll receive a limited edition print
  • $25 Monthly Contribution – You’ll receive an 8″ x 8″ original landscape on panel
  • One-off Contribution of Your Choosing – Thank you

Click below on the button of your choosing and you’ll be redirected to Paypal:

Please note, as an independent professional artist, I am not a non-profit organisation therefore all contributions are not tax deductible.

Monthly contributions can be cancelled at any time on Paypal.

I am grateful for your support.