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Contemporary Landscape Paintings Inspired by Ireland and Provence
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Nature and Memory

When we make our way through landscape, we are touched and altered by its mood, its light and the changing weather. We inhabit it and it inhabits us.

When out and about in nature, I absorb some of its elements. And they, in turn, hold a special place in my memory.

So when I make a mark on a panel or canvas, memories come to the fore.

And, through the exploration of colour, contrast, light and shade, I paint, with feelings inspired by Ireland or Provence, the atmosphere and mood of sea, land and sky.

Do you have a connection with one or both of these places?

Then these paintings may speak to you.

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Collectors’ Kind Words

“What I find particularly striking, in addition to John’s obvious technical mastery and discerning eye for composition and color, is his capacity to convey mood and feeling.

He captures the emotional quality of a place (whether real or imagined) with astonishing clarity and sensitivity; each piece has a palpable atmosphere and a sense of immediacy and even poignancy. There is a feeling of life being arrested in that moment, as well as a quality of timelessness.”

J. Roccuzzo, United States

“I was delighted to receive ‘The Road to God Knows Where’ as a Christmas present from members of my family.

I found it easy to buy direct from the website and business was conducted in a professional, friendly manner.

The painting was beautifully wrapped and it arrived promptly from Provence, France.

Above all, it gives me very great pleasure to have this lovely painting in our home and I look forward to living with it in the years ahead.”

Christine Hay, Britain

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