Irish Landscape Paintings

A Sense of Place

This collection features landscape paintings of Ireland. Some are available to buy.

Most have been created intuitively from memory of places that mean a lot to me. They seek to capture the atmosphere, mood and light that make Ireland special.

When you are viewing each of these original artworks, does it trigger an emotion or a memory that helps you recollect a moment, an experience or a feeling?

Portrait format of atmospheric bird's eye view of an Irish landscape that showcases weather frontsAs Far as the Eye Can See VIII


Painting of a stormy evening 'The Fairy Rath VI' by John O'GradyThe Fairy Rath VI
Irish landscape painting with our gaze looking across the mountain tops towards the sea lower down in the valleyAs Far as the Eye Can See VII
Sideview of 'The Edge of the Deep Green Sea III' painting by John O'Grady A seascape with waves crashing against a cliff face The Edge of the Deep Green Sea III
Atmospheric landscape of west of Ireland at duskThe Silver Sea

Irish nocturne with dark purple sky and bog grasses | You Are Everything VII by John O'Grady
You Are Everything VII
A dark brooding sky contrasts with the rich orange-gold fieldThe Golden Field (Print available)
The last sunrays cast attractive shadows on the coast in this painting called The Silver Thread by John O'Grady The Silver Thread (Print available)
Irish landscape painting showing a sweeping view of mountains leading to the seaThe Passing Cloud
Between the Dark and Dawn by John O'Grady | A view of Ben Bulben at dawn when light rises on the horizon to reveal the subtle violet and brown colours of the landBetween the Dark and Dawn

Irish seascape on a stormy day called The Spirit of Water V by John O'GradyThe Spirit of Water V

An atmospheric painting of the bog land with warm colours called The Bank of Turf II by John O'GradyThe Bank of Turf II
A view of the Irish coast along the Wild Atlantic Way on Achill on a stormy dayThe Coastal Road
The Way over the Bog (detail of the Irish cottage) by John O'Grady | An oil painting of an old Irish cottage among tall grassesThe Way Over the Bog (detail)
Painting of sunset with copper-coloured sky over the ocean called You Are Everything VIII by John O'GradyYou Are Everything VIII
Irish landscape with lush green grasses called After the Rain by John O'GradyAfter the Rain

Panoramic painting of the West of IrelandThe Silver Sea II

An atmospheric painting of an Irish shoreline suffused with blue-green light at duskTake Me to the Island IX

JohnOGradyArt-The-Silver-Thread-IIIThe Silver Thread III

Misty bog land painting called Morning Mist and Bog Heather II by John O'GradyMorning Mist and Bog Heather II

The Road to the Sea III, John O'Grady | A scenic coastal road on a rain-soaked day in the West of IrelandThe Road to the Sea III
A West coast of Ireland painting at dawn when moon and sun coexist | The Road to the Sea V by John O'GradyThe Road to the Sea V
Sky painting with billowing clouds | Looking Up by John O'Grady Looking Up

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