Interior and Still Life Paintings

Intimiste Interior Paintings

Here I seek to show a moment of intimacy (the French word ‘intimiste’ that translates as intimate atmosphere is more appropriate) in highly decorative surroundings filled with patterns, flat surfaces and deep, saturated colours.

Pared Down Still Lifes

The still lifes are pared down object studies. They feature every day objects such as a vegetable, a fruit, a bouquet of flowers or a ceramic on a simple background to highlight they are special too.

Enigmatic Interior Painting with moonlight bathing a person asleep on a bed while someone silhouetted in the open door light looks on. It's called Dreaming of Cherry Blossom by John O'GradyDreaming of Cherry Blossom

Wildflowers by the Window | original still life with Mont Ventoux in the background by John O'GradyWild Flowers by the Window

Still Life Painting of French Larigold in Blue Ceramic by John O'GradyFrench Marigold

Large Interior Painting with reds and orange colours called Summer Evening, Vence by John O'GradySummer Evening Vence

Still Life Painting of Une Fraise de Carpentras by John O'GradyUne Fraise de Carpentras

Morning Light with Ceramic and Garlic by John O'Grady | A small still life that shows off the texture of the garlic against the milk potMorning Light with Ceramic and Garlic

Still Life Painting of Garlic BulbLa Tête d’Aïl

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