Patterns in the River Rhône


Patterns in the River Rhone © John O’Grady
150 cm x 100 cm X 3.7 cm (vertical format) acrylic on canvas
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We are invited to stop and contemplate the wavelets that swirl and ripple on the water’s surface to create pleasing decorative patterns.

This large abstract statement artwork of the River Rhone is a quiet painting for those of us who are drawn to the ever-changing water patterns.


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This painting with an abstract quality is a bit different from what I usually make.

We are by the river Rhone, close to one of its bank where trees meet water.

The play of light in the gentle breeze create artistic patterns that ripple on the water surface.

It’s as if a painter had decided to use the reflective quality of water as a support for creating colourful swirling shapes.

This painting exudes quietness.

Its hypnotic feel draws us in, don’t you think?