You Are Everything IV, ©John O’Grady
8″ x 11.75″ oil on panel, requires framing
Not for Sale (NFS)

The bog is a wild and wondrous place. Solitary, it helps us connect the body to the elements.

The previous ‘You are Everything’ paintings were exploring our interconnectedness to the world around us. With this painting, it’s also about the turf beneath our feet that connects us to the past.

Seamus Heaney spoke of the bogland in his poems as a cultural repository. The accretions of turf, built layer upon layer over time preserves history in its dark mass.

This analogy could be applied to this blog, built one post at a time, a layer upon another layer of ideas, emotions and thoughts about painting. And how all the comments, thoughts and feelings you, who look at my work, have contributed make up that whole.

On this 300th painting, thank you for being part of this journey.

I will leave you with Seamus reading ‘Digging’. We are all digging in our own way for the ‘good turf’.