The Edge of the Deep Green Sea II


Atmospheric west coast of Ireland painting on a dark day with a brooding sky and waves crashing against the cliffs. This artwork shows the elemental nature of the unspoilt and compelling Wild Atlantic Way.
12″ x 12″ x 1.5″
Oil on deep edge canvas, ready to hang.

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How can an artist convey on a two-dimensional surface the special atmosphere of the wild, unspoilt landscape of the west coast of Ireland you as a viewer can instantly connect with because you are transported there?

How can an artist capture the rugged coastline beaten by the waves, its shifting light transforming the atmosphere of the place?

In painting, colour is light and colour is emotion.

When viewing an artwork, its particular combination of colour, light, brush marks, texture generate a strong feeling, the feeling of one special moment for ever represented on canvas.

For ‘The Edge of the Deep Green Sea II’, I chose dark colours: windsor green and manganese blue that contrast with the lemon yellow.

They work to accentuate the diffused light that suggests mystery and hints at the appeal of its untamed nature.