< A href="https://johnogradypaintings.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Into-the-light-1500.jpg">Into the Light, John O'Grady | Irish landscape painting of Irish bogland with telephone poles
Into the Light, ©John O’Grady
10″ x 18″ x 0.75″, oil on canvas, ready to hang


The roads and tracks that crisscross their way over the bogland link place to place and person to person.

When our feet touch the ground we walk where our ancestors once walked, connecting us through time.

They moulded and shaped the land over centuries till these tracks became the land itself.

Thinking about this deep connection to the past made me look again at the painting.

I saw the gaunt telephone poles that follow those tracks in a new light.

Standing out against the sky like watchers, we can easily imagine them to be incarnations of these ancient people. The fine thread stretching between each one brings distance and time to the present and guide our paths.

Can you imagine yourself standing there accompanied by the wind whistling in the wires?

Meanwhile, the blue-violet clouds stand out against the bright light over the sea and drift across the sky.

I’d love to hear what you think of this painting.