The Fallow Field III, John O'Grady| Frost on frozen fields
Fields at Rest, ©John O’Grady
15″ x 21″ x 1″, oil on panel, ready to hang.

NFS (Not for Sale)

Across the fallow fields of Northern France, another year is coming to a close.

100 years ago today peace finally came back to the land after unimaginable loss of life.

They were what Gertrude Stein called the ‘Lost Generation’.

Many were lost and those that did survive were irredeemably changed by what they saw and experienced.

Each life is precious and I cannot help but think of the artists and poets who lost their lives:

Franz Marc: German expressionist painter
Isaac Rosenberg: British poet
August Macke: German expressionist painter
Guillaume Apollinaire: French poet
Umberto Boccioni: Italian futurist sculptor
Wilfred Owen: British poet
Thomas Kettle: Irish poet
Ivor Gurney: British composer
Raymond Duchamp-Villon: French Sculptor
Edward Thomas: British poet
Francis Ledwidge: Irish poet

The list goes on.

Who knows what they might have brought into the world had they lived.

I hope you enjoy looking at the painting on this day.