Falling Light in Ferrassières by John O'Grady | An oil painting with lavender fields at sunset in Provence
Falling Light in Ferrassières , ©John O’Grady
12″ x 15″ x 1″, oil on panel, ready to hang.

NFS (Not for Sale)

I have two abiding memories of visiting Ferrassières, situated on a high plateau covered with lavender fields.

The first memory was when my car broke down on a hot day in late June. All I could see was lavender, a sea of blue-purple.

The nearest village was remote and miles away.

Fortunately after taking in that breathless view, the car had time to cool down a bit and it started again.

The second memory is captured in this painting.

One evening, on my way back home after my yearly pilgrimage to the ‘lavender feast’, a feast for the senses, I noticed the deep blue fields contrasted beautifully with the golden sandy soil.

The light was slowly falling on the brow of the hill, its line broken by two small trees that looked like shadow puppets against a large rising cumulus.

The cloud shifted colour from pale yellow to deep gold and on the horizon, a peach glow made the two trees stand out even more.

After the heat of the day, the lavender released more of its perfume. It floated and lingered a bit longer.

It was quiet. Even the bees had had their fill and were gone.

Imperceptibly, the light was falling and dying. The colour was draining away.

I lowered my eyes and noticed all the vibrant colours of lavender had taken on a dull muted blue-grey coat. The night was closing in.

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