John O'Grady Art - Au Clair de Lune paintings

Au Clair de Lune ©John O’Grady
3 paintings 6″ x 6″ x 1.25″, acrylic and oil on deep edge panel, ready to hang.


Once again a trinity of paintings caught my interest during the week. This time, the light comes from the ‘clair de lune’.

This set of harmonious pieces captures the arc of the full moon as it moves through the night sky over a copse of trees.

In the first panel, night is falling while the rising moon illuminates the blonde grasses. The copse of trees stands, silent, blue-black against the violet sky.

John O'Grady Art-Au Clair de Lune I

In the second panel, the moon has risen high in the sky and lights up the clouds with a blue-rose tinge.
On the ground, the mist covers the grasses with a cool colour.

John O'Grady Art - Au Clair de Lune II

As the moon completes its journey in the third panel, the land awaits the beginning of another day.

John O'Grady Art - Au Clair de Lune III

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