Panoramic oil on canvas painting of a scenic view of the West of Ireland Coast called 'As Far as the Eye Can See VI' by John O'Grady

As Far as the Eye Can See VI ©John O’Grady
(click on the painting to see it enlarged)
20″ x 47.5″ x 1.75″
Oil on deep edge canvas, ready to hang

I’ve been working on this large piece for a while, with many faltering steps until things started to fall into place this past week.

I don’t know whether the confinement had an impact on the making of it, bringing up a natural yearning for open spaces and distant vistas but this is how the painting came to the end of its journey, somewhere off the west coast of Ireland looking across the panorama of mountains that sweep down to the ocean.

Also, some of you may be confined at home like we are in France so here is a short list of art galleries you can visit virtually and added a couple of other cultural resources you may enjoy.

Keep safe and well. Take care of yourselves and loved ones.