You are Everything II, ©John O’Grady
16″ x 16″ X 1.75″ oil on deep edged canvas, ready to hang.


In the first You are Everything, I mentioned the grasses that stretch off into the distance of the solitary bog. Those thoughts were present again as I was making this piece.

This is a calm and quiet painting.

It has the feeling of someone being alone in this still place while at the same time being connected with the world around through sensory experience.

In my mind’s eye, I went for a walk through the bog.

When there, you can feel the soft ground underneath your feet and the grasses brushing lightly on your legs. You can smell the moistness of the bog and take in the cool greenish light in the silent evening.

Tapping into those senses and bringing them through into the painting can make the atmosphere in the piece palpable.

I suppose the painting bridges a reality felt and a dreamscape.

It has that quality, don’t you think?