The Road to the Sea II

John O'Grady - The Road to the Sea II | An atmospheric landscape painting with a dark sky above the road that leads us towards light on the horizon and the ocean
The Road to the Sea II, ©John O’Grady
12″ x 15″ x 1″, oil on panel, ready to hang.


The two paintings today are a search to paint that ethereal light you might find on the coast, the one that beckons you to move towards the sea.

This first painting has that light that signals the sea is there, somewhere, ahead. You know, the one that never fails to excite, every time you want to reach the ocean.

It manages to squeeze its way between cloud and horizon, shimmering even on cloudy days.

Like in this previous painting, the dark sculptural telephone poles and wire lead us onward.

Where will that first sight of the ocean be, over the next hill?

This expectation is always a thrill.

On the right, the curve of the small road, still wet with rain, catches the lemon light of the horizon.

The land is dark and stands out in relief.

The point where dark touches light in a painting always adds energy and drama to a piece like here, when solid land touches the aerial.

What a joy to paint this!

The Communion

John O'Grady Art - The Communion | An original Irish landscape painting with two people standing on the beach
The Communion, ©John O’Grady
12″ x 15″ x 1″, oil on panel, ready to hang.


This second piece, ‘The Communion’ is different. The palette is softer, more tonal with a dreamlike quality.

The journey along the winding road has now led us to the edge of the ocean.

On the shore, a couple is dwarfed by the mighty swirling clouds shifting above them.

They are looking up at the wonder of nature, communing in a wonderful moment of reverie.

The turbulent sky is flooded with light, filtering through the clouds and onto the sea below.

Most of us have had one of these special moments though. Please tell me about yours.