Then the Rain Came, ©John O’Grady 2015
Oil on Panel, 7.25″ x 12″


On the West coast of Ireland the weather can change so fast.

Yes there are days when there isn’t a cloud in the sky but the days when the play of light and rain clouds puts on a display are endlessly fascinating. I have heard it said that a painter doesn’t paint ‘landscapes’ there but paints the weather, as it is omnipresent and permeates everything including waterproofs.

The squalls of rain which can turn to sunshine in an instant by piercing through a fine veil of rain are quite extraordinary.

To try and capture this ever changing dynamic movement and convey its force and energy requires a freedom of mark making and brushstrokes. There is no other way to transmit this feeling of power than painting in this way.

In this piece, I wanted to transmit the feeling of the rain approaching as you are about to experience a shower and yet can enjoy the moment knowing the sun is just round the corner to dry you off.

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