John O Grady Art-The Wave| seascape of the west of Ireland
16″ x 22.75″ acrylic on Arches watercolour paper.
This painting requires framing.
$700 (approx. €569, £505) with free shipping.

Do you know the exhilarating feeling of standing on the west coast of Ireland looking out onto the wild Atlantic on a blustery day?

This painting captures some of that feeling and the video, the third and final part, reveals how it came to life.

The painting and the video started off by making broad energetic strokes with a knife sponge and a rag (see part 1 and part 2) and it ended with a small brush to add little touches.

Finding the balance between retaining the energy of the initial broad strokes and drafting enough detail to draw the eye is the secret of knowing when to stop.

So what do you think about this finished piece? Do let me know, I’d love to read your comment.