The Spirit of Water VI ©John O’Grady
12″ x 12″ oil on panel, requires framing


Across the sky, light and shade cast shadows upon land and sea.

The sun shines while rain falls. Moisture refracts the light, bouncing it through the air.

This is the jewel-like light you might come across in Ireland on a showery day.

Like ‘Spirit of Water V’, the square format of the painting has a swirling anti-clockwise motion that pushes out towards the edges of the panel whilst the eye is drawn through the vortex to the white cumulus clouds in the distance.

J.M.W. Turner, the romanticist English painter was the first to use the square format to showcase landscape. It was revolutionary considering the age he was painting in. Although radical, he knew what he was doing. The square balances his often explosive paintings that showed the visceral power of nature.

Like Turner, I sought to capture that life force.

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