The Southwesterly, ©2015 John O’Grady
12″ x 12″ Oil on panel, requires framing

Off the Atlantic, the weather fronts move in quickly particularly at this time of year. The high winds bring the waves and spume crashing against the rocks, whilst in the distance the heavy clouds build and build as they approach the shore.

This piece is really a continuation of the last painting capturing that time of day when that half hour of beautiful evening light makes the clouds glow a deep rose and violet colour.

What is different from the previous painting though is the focal point. It’s not, as you would expect, in the foreground which is here diffused with mist and sea spray.

The eye is led through to the horizon and the billowing weather front.

A right to left energy is enriched by the waves’ staccato dance while the rococo clouds grace the sky with their slow, sculptural show.

I’d love to read what you think about the painting.