The Silver Thread IV, ©John O’Grady
12″ x 12″ oil on panel, requires framing.

Not for Sale

I wanted to flood this painting with filtered rays as they pass through clouds and capture the quality of light bouncing off water you might see on the west coast of Ireland.

What initially started as a vague idea ended up with a painting about shapes and how they fit onto a square flat surface.

The clouds, when I started the painting, were much bigger. Billowing up into the sky, they filled most of the upper two thirds of the painting.

As the work progressed, I gradually reduced their shapes to allow more space and light to flow through the piece and give it space to breathe.

The smallest change to a shape can throw a painting’s balance out. Here, each small change affected the whole and had to be compensated for.

This exercise was absolutely fascinating. It ended, I hope, with a balanced piece that still has movement and retained a life force within it that evokes the magical atmosphere you might see of an evening when looking onto one of the many islets dotted along the western shoreline…

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