John O Grady Art-The-Silver-Thread-II

The Silver Thread II, ©John O’Grady

Oil on 5 mm Panel 16″ x 12″ – Requires framing


While painting, I recalled the special pale yellow green light you can see sometimes as the sun is setting off the west coast of Ireland.

You may have noticed I often paint scenes, set in the late afternoon or at dusk, beloved of photographers and painters and known as the golden hour. The contours are less sharp, the light is more diffused and yet, light and dark play with each other to create a spectacle renewed daily.

With this painting, the back light creates a delicate lace-like golden fringe around the clouds and reverberates on the ‘white horses’ dancing on the ocean while the unusual pale yellow-green light at the back of the island works to add an air of melancholy and mystery…

I’d love to know what you think.