JohnOGradyArt-The Mountain Road III
The Mountain Road III, ©John O’Grady 2015
Oil on deep edged panel, 8″ x 8″ x 1.5″
It does not require framing and is ready to hang.

This is the third work in this series of mountain road paintings.

A small winding road weaves its way through the Wicklow mountains. Open to the elements, it’s dwarfed by its surroundings and the swirling atmospheric conditions above. Up there, the roads are narrow, barely allowing one car to pass another. They scrawl their way over the bog, twisting and turning until they disappear over the horizon of a distant mountain.

I have often driven over the top when the weather closes in and you can’t see the road ahead as the cloud and mist and rain become one. Then as you descend, the clouds part and the light emerges. Bleak and damp, someone experiencing this might find it oppressive but this atmosphere has its own muted beauty. Once you go off the road, the mist muffles the sounds and the quiet and isolation are remarkable.

Have you experienced an isolation and quiet like this?