Pine Tree painting with provencal sky in Provence

The Great Pine, ¬©John O’Grady,2013
Oil on Panel, 7″x 5″

Late afternoon in Provence. My aim was to capture this stately pine in all its glory, along with the colours of evening.

The painting was worked from a sketch and colour reference notes made in situ as well as a photograph.
The glow around the foliage was a light manganese blue, which was the initial colour of the sky.

I wanted to make the sky a warmer colour so I chose ultramarine blue, manganese violet, a touch of manganese blue and white.

As I got closer to the foliage when I painted over the sky, I noticed the colours started to sing, so left it like that.

This is a fortunate painting accident where interesting things can happen. If it feels right I stick with it.