Take Me to the Island XIV, John O'Grady | A dream-like moonlit nocturne painting in the West of Ireland by the ocean
16″ x 16″ x 1.75″ acrylic on deep edged canvas, ready to hang

Not for Sale (NFS)

Have you ever had a dream you’re walking through a landscape?

When I finished this painting, that’s what came to mind.

We are on the edge of the world where land, sea and sky meet. Oh, and, this is still somewhere in Ireland!

It’s night time.

A quiet road leads us down the hillside and through the bog.

Grasses glow in the moonlight. The Atlantic ocean shimmers.

Across the water, you can notice a solitary island that seems quiet and dormant under a moon beam.

The heightened colour in this piece gives it a surreal feel, like a dream sequence that’s taking us on a journey.

Sometimes a painting can take me in an unexpected direction.

Here, it was the fortuitous awakening of colour that took it to this otherworldly place.

I was wondering, who might I meet on this quiet dark road down to the sea? Or, is a light likely to come on on the island, signifying someone lives there?

Do you get the same impression?

What does the painting evoke for you? I’d love to hear.