Seascape Painting of Ireland with Stormy Skies II

Take me to the Island II, ©John O’Grady, 2013
Mixed Media on Panel, 12″x 16″


This painting and I went through a whole lot of trials and tribulations.

It started life as an acrylic painting of a seascape, in fact the paint above the horizon line is still acrylic.

I thought I had finished it.  But the following day, as I came into the studio, 
we looked at each other and we fell out. We didn’t speak for weeks.

We managed to make up but fell out again, repeating this tango as is often the case.

Finally, we found a way to communicate.  The first saving grace was to work in oils over the acrylic paint.

There is something about oil paint texture, it has an organic feel that freed me and allowed me to find my way
back into the piece.

I often start a painting using Golden fluid acrylics as an underpainting layer as they behave like watercolour and can create exciting accidents and bleeds.  Working with oils on top brings another dimension.

The second saving grace was I remembered one of my abstract seascapes you can see below ‘Light over the Sea’, a simplified painting that focuses on the play of light and dark on water. It reminded me the ‘keep it simple’ moment had arrived.

Here is the abstract piece that helped us  make up!

Apparition_XIII-dec2012-RELight onWater


Light over the Sea, ©John O’Grady
Acrylic on Canvas

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