John O Grady Art-On-the-Banks-of-the-Ouveze-RiverII

On the Banks of the Ouvèze River

16″ x 12″ Oil on 5 mm Panel, requires framing

Original SOLD – Limited edition prints are available

This is the second painting of remembered visits along the Ouvèze river in Provence. It records my impressions of late spring last year when the river was in full flow and the trees in full verdant growth.

The painting could have been titled ‘painting the light’ as it is more an exploration of light flooding through the canopy of trees and playing upon the surface of the water rather than a description of a particular place.

While predominantly green, this piece is infused with spots of other colours that lift it. The light purples, blues and orange/reds are all there to capture the diffused light filtered through foliage and hitting the water in a series of radiant spots that feel magical and cinematic.

What is exciting about making paintings like these is the colour describes the feeling or atmosphere under the canopy of trees but it is also about how a colour placed next to another helps to break up the picture. It becomes about balancing abstract qualities as well as describing foliage, water, light.

Most of all, colour is light and light is a life force, an energy.

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