John O Grady Art-On-the-Banks-of-the-L'Ouveze

On the Banks of the Ouvèze River
Oil on 5 mm Panel 14.75″ x 11″
Requires framing


At the moment, the Ouvèze river that runs through Vaison-la-Romaine in Provence is all but a trickle. The high temperatures reaching 40 degrees centigrades of the last few weeks have dried out all the vegetation along its banks.

In spring, it’s a different place, the river banks are lush with vegetation, a blend of trees and bushes and, here and there, and wildflowers peeking through. The atmosphere is full of rich and heady aromas.

It’s a real delight to walk under the canopy of trees next to the cool air of the river when the temperature is still pleasant.

In the painting I wanted to capture the light dancing through the trees and reflecting on the water and around the piece. It is late afternoon, the light suffused through the foliage has turned a pale yellow colour to give an overall glow of golden light to the painting

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