John OGrady-Art-Low Tide at Dawn, Seascape with morning moon, Ireland
Low Tide at Dawn © John O’Grady
13″ x 13″ x 0.75″, oil on canvas, ready to hang.

Not for Sale

On my last blog post ‘Winter in Wicklow’, I mentioned how the muted palette whispered like a breeze.

That phrase stayed with me throughout the creation of this piece.

Making the smallest shift in tone around a range of greys takes time to mix and is thoroughly absorbing: it involves moving a colour from dark to light, from warm to cool and vice versa.

Then it’s time to place one colour next to another one.

The physicality and focus of this subtle work slowed me down and as a result, the finished art work has a quiet reflective quality.

The gradual shift from the sky at the top of the painting moves from a deep jade through to a delicate band of blue grey where the silver orb of the moon hovers silently.

Our eye moves slowly, to adapt to the gradual and subtle changes, down through the next band to the rose-coloured horizon line. The jade gets lighter and lighter and allows the deep grey clouds to stand out in relief.

The feeling of the painting evokes the milky light you might encounter on a cool morning on the west coast of Ireland.

I’d love to hear what your thoughts are.