Ireland sunrise, neolithic cairn
Loughcrew Equinox, ©John O’Grady,
Oil on panel, 6″x 6″,2012

Not for Sale

This is a view of Loughcrew Cairn, the mound on the hill in the far distance emerging out of the morning mist.

I have climbed the hill and entered the tomb on the Autumnal equinox, a day when the burial chamber is flooded by dawn light.

Here are a couple of quotes from Co Meath, heritage site in Ireland:
“Loughcrew, possibly the oldest cemetery in the world,
tells of Ireland’s neolithic cultures, shrouded in myth and mystery.”
“The passage tomb at Loughcrew: magnificent, mighty and virtually unknown.
This massive prehistoric mound is nothing less than the Irish equivalent of Egypt’s pyramids;
both witnessed the passage of the dead from this world to the next. As with the pyramids,
Loughcrew continues to perplex and amaze; the burial complex in Meath
possibly more so – it predates its desert cousins by 2000 years.”