www.JohnOGradypaintings.com. Looking East Killiney
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Looking East, Killiney ©John O’Grady, 2014
Oil on Panel, 6″x 6″


This view across Killiney Bay and the Irish sea is what first came to mind as this painting emerged.  The particular light there is full of rich, varied greys, blues, jades and purples.

The balance to be struck with painting is always knowing how much to put in and how much to leave out.  Finding the tipping point between representation and abstraction is always the hard part.  This  piece is a good example of trying to find that balance.  For me it is not so much just about description or abstraction but also about atmospheric condition and mood.

Maurice Denis, the French painter stated:

“Remember that a painting – before it is a battle horse, a nude model, or some anecdote – is essentially a flat surface covered with colours assembled in a certain order”.*

I agree with him but also remember he was an integral part of  The Nabis, a group of artists including Bonnard and Vuillard who sought to evoke mood in painting with expression rather than realism.

I’d love to hear what you think about my painting and these thoughts.

* Maurice Denis: ‘Definition du neo-traditionism’, Art et Critique, 1890.