John O Grady Art-La-Route-du-Ventoux
La Route du Mt Ventoux
Oil on deep edged beech Panel 12″ x 6″ x 1.5″
Does not require framing.


I recently took a trip along what is called the ‘Route des Lavandes’ before the lavender was harvested to be distilled.

it’s a big focus of summer in this part of Provence.

When driving with the windows open, you can get a hint of its fragrance, and when standing next to a field the perfume is captivating while the sound of bees fills the air.

A typical scene when looking at the Mont Ventoux on a hot day is to see a cloud perched on top of the mountain, balanced gracefully on the telecommunication mast. In the distance, when the Mistral is not blowing, the light can become hazy and the mountains take on a bluish green tinge.

Along the side of the roads, the golden white grasses bleached by the sun sway in the breeze. They contrast beautifully against the deep blue violet of the lavender fields.

This was the light and atmosphere I wanted to capture in this piece.

The rhythm of life here is deeply connected to the seasons and has an impact on how I see. As a season ends, another is about to start: figs are slowly getting ripe on trees and in September, it’s time for the grape harvest, the dark, sweet aromatic muscat to taste and most of the other grapes to make wine. The atmosphere and mood will be different as the vines change to a deep red brick colour …