La Pinède, ©John O’Grady
8.25″ x 8.25″ x 1.75″ oil on deep edged canvas, ready to hang


La Pinède or Pine grove is an accompanying piece to The Chapel in the Woods. It wasn’t planned that way and they happily happened to be the same size.

The intense light of summer brings everything into sharp relief and heightens colour in Provence.

Shadows and silhouetted trees appear blue and violet; they contrast with the warm yellow sandy earth.

What I find moving when walking through a grove of these Mediteranean trees is their tall slender elegance sweeping into the air, swaying back and forth in the breeze.

Their trunks curve in arabesques.

Between each pine, the space shifts subtly and alters the viewpoint of the distant mountains.

I wanted to imbue the painting with that feeling of looking up and through from a low perspective.

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