flamboyant sunset seen from the west of Ireland shore by John O'Grady
Into the West, ©John O’Grady
11″ x 12″ x 1.25″, acrylic on deep edge panel, ready to hang

Watching a flamboyant sunset is a joy. The last rays of the sun create a spectacle of warm colours and patterns as if the last flourish is an invitation to us onlookers, to pay attention to this parting gift before bowing out beyond the horizon.

When looking west over the Atlantic ocean, the sky fills our view point, holds our gaze, concentrates our senses.

For a moment, time stops.

Our attention notices each nuance and change in light and colour, we barely see the solitary island dwarfed by the towering sky that breaks the horizon line.

In this painting, we are standing on the west of Ireland shore looking across the infinity of grey-blues set against the ribbons of light rose-violet streaming across the sky.

We contemplate the vastness.

A quiet wistful atmosphere, perhaps a sense of longing is present, I feel.

What do you think?