Icarus III by John O'Grady | An atmospheric cloudscape with a brooding sky and clouds edged with gold
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12″ x 12″ x 1.5″ acrylic on canvas, ready to hang


In this third Icarus painting, we are looking at a bruised and brooding sky.

Sunlight enters the artwork off stage to the left.

It plays a central role in the unfolding drama: it illuminates the cloud with a thin filigree of pure gold that captures our gaze.

Then, we start noticing the deep blue-grey of infinity…

The cloud is stretching out delicately as if it wants to touch the sun, like the craft.

We know the story, the higher it climbs, the more fragile it becomes. And then, it loses shape and fades.

This time, the painting is physically smaller but the scale within it is enormous. The cloud pulses and looms out of the picture plane.

Meanwhile, we barely notice Icarus the tiny craft that prepares to exit the painting.

Towards the bottom of the canvas, quieter sombre colours help to balance the burst of energy at the top. Colour shifts from gold to pink to light blues and into purple and indigo.

After finishing, I noticed it’s like viewing the painting through a filter of mist. It enhances its luminous quality.

What do you think of this third piece in the series? I’d love to hear.