Flames in a Setting Sun, ©John O’Grady 2014
Oil on deep edged stretched Canvas 20.4 cm x 20.4 cm x 4.7 cm deep (8″ x 8″, no need to frame and ready to hang)


The sun is setting and the sky is aglow.

Orange, yellow and pale violets fill the sky with colour.

The day is coming to an end.

The blue grey hillside silhouetted against the sky offers a backdrop to the gorse fires that are sending blue green smoke skyward.

The gorse burns cleanly like tinder.

All that will remain is ash.

The ash will return to the earth to feed next year’s growth and aid renewal.

The wheel turns.

The sun too has burnt cleanly in the sky and night will usher in the new day.

I would like to hear what you feel about it.