First Snow on Mont Ventoux, ©John O’Grady
14.25″ x 16″ oil and wax on panel, requires framing.


When I look out of my studio window and stretch a bit, I can see, over the roof tops of Vaison La Romaine to the summit of Mont Ventoux.

Each time I have painted this mountain, clouds feature prominently.

As you know, I am a cloud watcher and looking up to the giant of Provence offers a marvelous spectacle. At times, the mighty Ventoux seems dwarfed by a large cumulus two or three times the mountain’s height.

This painting is a view from the Toulourenc Valley.

The vineyards are a russet colour that catches the evening light as it rakes across the land from right to left.

It’s early winter, the blue mists forming in the valley contrast with the permanence of the mountain. The relationship between this landmark’s solidity and the nebulous, slowly shifting forms puts the magical world around us and our presence in it in some perspective.

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