Evening, Sally Gap ©John O’Grady
8″ x 8″ X 0.75″ oil on canvas, ready to hang.
Not For Sale (NFS)

This piece is a smaller sibling to the previous post but half an hour later so the light is only catching the top of the cloud.

I was working on both paintings in tandem over the last few weeks and this one came together in the last few days following a chat with a friend. We talked about how special a place it is. It has its own atmosphere. I am talking about Sally Gap, high up in the Wicklow mountains.

I would have driven through most weeks and have returned to it in my paintings on numerous occasions. It is a wide open vista of bogland close to Glendalough, wild and bleak that connects us to the elements in a powerful way.

There are few roads and little traffic; there is little to break the horizon line. No trees. No houses.

Land and sky constantly dialogue with each other. The play of light and clouds alter the grasses’ colour.

As dusk falls, its silence is all the more deafening.

Do you know Sally Gap or have you experienced being in such as place?