Evening Glow Across the Bog, ©2015 John O’Grady
16″ x 12″ Oil on panel, requires framing


Autumn is a special season.

Golds, browns and rust colours transform the landscape.

In the green land of Ireland it’s the same. The bog lands in the west are aglow. It really is a special golden hour before sunset. Often, the weather fronts have passed through and with it the rain, leaving the air fresh.

The bog grasses catch the light as the rays of the setting sun rake across the land. The spectacle is all the more beautiful as the sun sinks to the horizon and the colours become deeper and richer.

The bog appears to have an internal light, glowing a deep burnt orange. The shadows of the passing clouds on the land appear as a deep violet complimenting the orange light on the grasses. The open vista of bogland stretches off into the distant coast and because it is so wild and open, the light and dark play upon the land.

I’d love to read what your experience of autumn is like where you live.