John O'Grady Art | The Emotion of Colour-pt2 | atmospheric views of a lone island
The Emotion of Colour Pt 2 ©John O’Grady

3 paintings 6″ x 6″ x 1.25″, acrylic and oil on panel, ready to hang.


Each painting in the set can be bought individually from the art-shop.

Two weeks ago I posted a collection of three paintings called ‘The Emotion of Colour’ as a small tribute to the painter Howard Hodgkin.

I found great satisfaction in putting them together, balancing one jewel-like piece next to the other so I carried on.

Today, I’d like to show you three more.

This week, you can see the motif ‘Take me to the Island’ I return to frequently. In the previous ‘Take me to the Island’ paintings, the colours are softer and more subdued.

With these three pieces, the colours are richer, more saturated. And, like two weeks ago, each evokes a passage of time from the glorious burnt orange of an evening sunset through to the blue-black night with a glowing rose sky and finally, the pale yellow-green light that announces dawn.

Each island’s shape and viewpoint is different, imagined and felt rather than descriptive of a particular place along the western seaboard. Yet, you may have stood at the shore, looking afar at one of these solitary islands and pondering about life.

Each painting works individually but the three paintings are enriched by being placed together. Their enigmatic, melancholic air play on what we notice, can’t see and only guess at…

I’d love to hear what you think.