Aerial View of the City at Night

Coming Home, ©John O’Grady, 2013
Oil on deep edged panel, 7″ x 9.5″x 1.25″ deep (ready to hang)


Have you experienced the feeling of seeing the lights of home when descending through the clouds?

When we think of night, black immediately comes to mind, but ambient lighting has a direct impact on how the night sky is seen. Quite a few colours such as purples, greys, blues, greens and silver yellow can convey its special mood.

In this painting, I used a very limited palette as our colour range is limited when seeing at night.  I arrived at the turquoise range of greens and blues through trying different colours, and stayed with the green/blues as they work well with the warm lights of the city.

The shape and form of each city of course is very different and this is something I am interested in exploring….

I’d appreciate your  comments.