JohnOGradyArt-Clouds in the River Rhone II
Clouds in the River Rhône II, ©John O’Grady
31.65″ x 31.65″ x 1.8″, acrylic and oil on deep edge canvas, ready to hang.
$2190 (approx. €1851 and £1646) with free shipping

A friend at art college was always getting us to lie down on the grass and pick out cloud shapes.

“Look, there’s Mickey Mouse just next to that billowing cumulus of a horse’s head… And over there, Rembrandt’s head with the bulbous nose,…”

And so it would go on, his endless fascination rubbing off on us.

Have you ever played that game? I guess some artists carry on in this vein, seeing possibilities from very little.

Looking and noticing (really seeing) what’s around us becomes second nature and can feed into making paintings.

Part of that awareness is ‘seeing’ the right time to stop working on a piece and leaving well alone. But more of that later.

We can also see clouds in the mirror-like surface of water.

When looking at still water, have you had that strange feeling you are entering into another world as if some shift has taken place and you seep into something quiet and infinite?

That’s really where this painting came from.

The horizon line is very high. At the top, a frenzy of diagonal movement sweeps across trees and the far bank suggesting we are travelling on the wind.

As our eye travels down, the painting becomes increasingly quiet.

The clouds on the surface lead our eye diagonally to the bottom right where the inky indigo water draws our eye down and down into its depths and infinity.

The knowing-when-to-stop part came about when I noticed the unsettling dynamic of above and below the horizon line.

The lack of clouds in the sky reinforces that disconcerting feeling.

Do you get that feeling too?