Quiet autumnal painting of cloud reflections called 'Clouds in the Ouvèze River' by John O'Grady
Clouds in the Ouvèze River, ©John O’Grady
12″ x 12″ x 1.75″ acrylic on canvas, ready to hang
$397 (approx. €362, £321) with free shipping.

At the height of the summer heat, the Ouvèze river had turned into a dry, white bed of rocks and pebbles.

Then, the autumn rains came and the river is now reborn, meandering its way from the mountains down and onward through vineyards and valleys to join the giant that’s the river Rhône.

More frequent clouds are showing up too, brought along by the Mistral’s return, the mighty wind from the north that dries the earth and brightens the light.

I was passing by the river lined with deciduous trees, their leaves still rustling in the wind and noticed the water surface.

It was still, like a mirror sheltered by the tall vegetation and reflected the cotton-wool clouds shifting across the water.

Contemplating this landscape felt like I was entering into another world through a looking glass; one that was slower, quieter.

Shapes were diffused and melded into one another. Colour was muted.

I had similar thoughts while making ‘Clouds in the River Rhône’ and ‘Clouds in the River Rhône II’ a few years ago.

Do you ever have that experience while looking at reflections in water?

I’d love to read your comment about this painting.