Clearing in the Wood
Clearing in the Wood II, ©John O’Grady 2014
Oil on deep edged panel, 15cm x 15cm x 3.2cm
(approx 6″x 6″ x 1.1/4″, no need to frame and ready to hang)

This painting has an otherworldly quality that harks back to the original ‘Clearing in the Wood’ completed in 2012.

It just seemed to come out of the ether and has a different palette from the last few paintings with flatter colours that give it a more abstract feel.

The colour arrangement has resulted in something that has a magical quality as the yellow light-filled clearing is surrounded by purple coloured trees with a milky turquoise light filtering through them.

What we could meet in the open space? There is a sense of expectation lurking…

I would love to hear what you think.