Moonlight, Provence, grasses

Clair de Lune, ©John O’Grady, 2014

Oil on Panel, 6″x 6″


The moon rose above the sap green trees, silhouetting them against the night sky.

On the road between Buisson and Vaison la Romaine, the fields were illuminated and the golden grasses that lined the edge of the road glowed in the headlights as I took the twists and turns on the route home.

This is a painting I started in the Autumn of 2013 but I couldn’t quite capture in paint the blue of the night sky in my mind’s eye.

The Provençal sky during daytime is deep blue but the warm nights here hold a special magic, an intangible quality that I’m exploring in all its nuances of colour.

It’s great fun trying.

I would love to hear what you think!