Ireland Bog Heather

Bog Heather II, ©John O’Grady, 2013
Oil on Panel, 12″x 12″


Evening is the time of peace for me.

I keep returning to this time of day along with the reoccurring theme of the bog.  Many things have been
written about the bog, as a repository of our history, emotional and cultural.

It’s true, though I think it is also a visceral feeling.

When you walk in the bog, it gives to absorb your steps like a sponge.  The air seems softer on the cheek,
the light in the evening glows as clouds skitter across the sky.

All these act upon our senses.  And above all else there is the quiet.

Have you visited a bog or experienced the same feelings somewhere else?

I hope you enjoy my painting, please let me know what you think.