Blue Moon over the Orchard, ©John O’Grady
8″ x 8″ X 0.75″ oil on canvas, ready to hang.


When driving out of Vaison-La-Romaine, you soon come to the countryside. It’s perfect to take a small side road and get off the beaten path.

A few years ago, one warm, cloud-less summer night, I drove out, picked a side road and soon stopped. It was pitch black. I sat in the middle of an orchard to watch the rising moon. Little by little, as I got used to darkness, more and more stars twinkled in front of my eyes.

A wondrous night sky was appearing before me.

This painting is a memory of that magical moment.

I was going to call this jewel-like piece ‘Arrangement in Manganese blue’ after the colour that runs throughout.

The night sky combines Manganese blue with violet, the earth has manganese blue mixed with a cool lemon yellow, the trees have manganese blue with burnt umber.

This one colour helps unify the painting to create harmony.

The simplified forms and horizontal bands of colour support the feeling of balance.

Do you feel the harmony of this piece?